A week and 1 day ago The Noah Lequime Foundation was only a dream. A dream I had had for some years now. I wanted to make a difference ever since I can remember. Not so much in the hear me – see me kind of way but more along the lines of knowing you have really made a change in somebody elses life. Over the years I did some volunteering in Africa, free counseling over the internet and some full hearted but not very succesful attempts at organising collection and distribution of toys, clothes and smaller aides for handicapped children. The last 2 or 3 years an idea has been forming to create a foundation on a much bigger scale. Until 1 week ago that was my dream. Sometimes life just hands you the right tools, the right time and the opportunity when you least expect it. And that is exactly what happened to me. A week ago a chance meeting with Alison led us to form a partnership and the Noah Lequime Foundation was decided upon and the work set in motion.


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